domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

the cave

so are you happy now?
now that have lost your mother, just came from the grave of your father. are you inmortal now that have cried for you dead son.
are you complaining at me for my curiosity, for my alerts, for my tired eyes looking at you.
so, are you happy as an ether soul, as a butterfly, as a weave in the ocean. not call me fool for not having such grieving. not treat me as a child for not been killing myself in the woods. not stop me nonsense for not being surviving the most hardest things as your fate.
are you enough happy now? there is not sadness anymore, there is nothing that can take you out of yourself, there is not power to broken you, there is no a fragile bone in yours. there is nothing close to me, now
hope you are happy, because you do not have sadness anymore to cry for.
all your pain has been taken out to make you strong enough. not call me stupid, not call me infant, not call me weak just because i have no demons to kill, i just live with those who try to make your life miserable, not call me silly for not having the power of people like you, without anything to cry for.

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