sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011


so you're having no trouble, you are having no mistakes, you're having a fun life. nothing touched you, none has put you into trouble, you have a big party for your birhtday and a fun light daily.
i throw away all my dreams when i see you, you make me sick with your simple life. you are most bored people i ever met, you are like too perfect for me, you make me feel i have had enough, and i just want to kick the wall when i see your smile.
be happy with all your credit cards, have a car and i fun model in your side, you make me sick with all your happiness.
so you has no trouble, let me tell you i met you when you were young, when you used to be scared of women, before you had first time sex, before you have been afraid of telling someone you were in love. so now nothing can touch you, you are invisible, you are undestructible, you make me sick with your confidence. i met you before you could even say my name, when you were so ready to take the world, to have your say, to change your life.
stay in your comfortable side, you make me think about all those lifes lost in translation, hope you have enough laughs, your life is as simple as a spot in the sky.

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