jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

my soul is drawn

you have always been with me,
you are my home,
you are my place to hide,
you are where i come back,
i can't leave you
i am ready to go with you
now, i feel unprotected
now, i want to drawn in the river
now, there is no worth life
now, i need my friend to hold me tight
to get me free of himself
you are my soul mate
we had a life i never knew
i just could imagine how good it was
because it was with you
because i love you so.
you have always been with me
even when i say no
you know you have my hearth with you
in a way you never knew
i am ready to stay with you
i just need my friend to get me free of himself
never is the hardest word to listen
it is me who always leave
because i can't see you go
one of those days when life means nothing
i don't feel good for not having you
i love you so
i just do not feel anymore

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