martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

after happiness: miracle

her two wild brothers was the best she could have for us, for all of us - meaning my candid spirit and the three other girls in the group. these boys stand out from the other by the means of their violent character, they used to drink outside the house, and take out the traffic signs at two am in the morning. i saw one of them climbing in the top of the church, while refurbishing, just for fun, dropping tones of fruit skin and all sorts of thing, just for fun, wild people used to enthusiasm me. everytime i wanted to see her, i used to walk two miles down the road, wishing hopelessly been one of her brother acquaintance.
i step up, one day, towards her room, a nice house was the place all the memories will keep secret, a back garden a windows with georgian finishes, the walls where cover with black and white pictures of children, smiling in front of the Cologne cathedral, or the versailles garden, pointing out the eiffel tower or the houses of parliament. such a wonderful unforgetable childhood was printed on the walls, I wondered how long those thoughts would be in their minds, surrounded by the awful noise of barking dogs, women in the morning bringing up just washed clothes, food, the drizzling afternoon in winter, i wandered how long all the charme would melt in the wild spirit of those tender boys and she, sweet and sour, just as a women starting to grow up inside her, a tendentious woman she was going to be; before that, I enjoy her so much, as i wish i could do with her two brothers.

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