sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

stright back: lay on top of the car

gay as single (stright)
the curtain was a plastic tired apart hanging on the top. the sound of two chair collapsing could be the soundtrack of this kind of dream i went into that night. the cigarettes were placed over the pool table, the table was in the middle of the place and the bartenders were, as said, childs, wearing stripy tops and short jeans foled at the edge, rings and black pencil on the eyes. those cute guys were standing benhind the bar waiting for us, while we were walking into the place, their eyes were stearing at us and their sweaty hands over the back table were almost touching us. the light were, as said, like no light on, the eyes were like suffering to gt any image. the guard put a light on my bag and asked me to top up the coin machine, my lunch box felt down on the floor, i knew i was going to get late tomorrow, but i scraped in the book, if i am dead tomorrow, better be after this night.

hay gay pubs con gays de todos los tama;os y calibres, los hay gay gay, gay-glam, gay-punk, guy-gore, gay-got, gay-stright, gay-right, gay-left, gay-bi, gay-guy. Y tambien los gay raros y los sanos.

-So, are you gay?
-are you gay? how that's it feel?
-being gay... i mean, being... gay.
-I always thought that the music was better in a gay bar.
-did you?
-yeah, but it is bullshit men, all the gayish music is bullshit.
it is the first time ever that nobody has looked at me... isn't weird?
i never felt like that, i mean, i noght out and dry as a wine over the coach the next morning. i'll kill myself if i need to do this again.
i prefer to have lots of angry, unhealthy, bad dressed, nasty and grumpy boys around me and find two or three truly ones to talk to, the gayish ones let them in the park eating grapes and trying hats, one day i will talk to you about the picnic...

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