jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

all freaks: ackward

Please, dont change your mind again.
there are two ways to go away with ackward situations, but first how they start:
never speak about any issue you just witnessed, even out of the place where it happened
never speak about any person involved in that situation, even if the people you are talking to agree with you, no even to people never heard about it, and most importantly never to whom where not in the situation.
never try to remember the attitude or expressions of people involved in the situations, memory is not something reliable.
never intend to understand either people or situations, the universe moves in unexpected ways.
never believe what they said about you, even if they say it kindly and repeatedly.
if you have tick some of them, then you are part of any ackward situations.
one way to scape is changing your email, phone, address, friends, job, bank, literature clubs and supermarket.
the other one is ignoring them as much as you can and pretend that they never happened.
good luck.

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