viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

the cave

now that I see you all, I notice that you do not know who you are.
you think you know what you are doing. you are all false. if I need to recall a moment in time to keep in mind what I should know about you it would be the time when I could not force my self enough to put me aside. I was weak, I had to heal myself in the compliment of a repetitive melody. I was, as I said not taken beyond my boundaries, I shall tell you, you saw me weak all this time.
It was a story about I would like to say it is not as hard to listen than to delete. You would never know and that shall be your evil. it was not about listen the same voice singing after the bird, it was the query why.
should let thing pass now as usual? why?
you want to forget me, do so, do not make a punishment of it.
bringing things back as if you want to upset me? why?
do not unburied the past, some remember what they wanted, others just the truth.
should you forget about like everyone should know? why?
talk to me like hurting me, I 'll be hurt.
I shall tell you all, you are false.

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