domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

witty man

such annoying man, i went into the coach station, took a banana from the shop and kept the key in my pocket, estée lauder, what a marvelous desires when you wear it.
i went into the bus and all of a sudden this guy stood at me, as if i was going to tell him something really important. i kept my feet from going into his face, so i just take off my jacket and out my bag on the floor, then , the other girl, curly hair pass almost over me and stood int he next sit. i sat down and tried to sleep all i could last night because of the perfume.
suddenly, the guy behind me start this conversation, such a weirdo, start saying if she knew where she was going, i guess if you buy your tickets and pay your money at least know the station you are going. this guy said something like: i was teacher at the university and i was a consultant and that sort of stuff. the girl, you knew it because of the sound if her voice, was trying to be invisible, you know, just trying because i notice all people inside the car knew it, he was flirting.
then he receives this call, and you get to know people for the song they have in their mobiles, this one had one from take that, such a song to have in the phone, that one from the ad. he answered and started to stammer like hell. what a fuck was that? do you think you could be a university teacher if you speak like that? i dont think so. what was worse is the conversation he had over the phone: so.. so.. sorry babe, th.. th.. thee coach was delayed, do you daya.. daya think we could a.. a .. a..arrange a later dinner, wh.. wh.. where ss is the ho.. hotel... what a fuck//
then, i guess she hang up. and he started again telling that if she wanted, the girl in the coach, could get into english course and improve the language and so, so witty in the other way round you know.
and asked her questions like where do you live?, and where are you staying? and by the end he asked her to say it as a sentence. and i could hear she was trying to say something but trying at the same time that nobody listen, but that is impossible, you know, if you ever had travel in a coach, come on///
at last i could hear when she ask him what a sentence was??? what a fuck// you could tell then she was beating at him, so cruelty, then he asked her again to say something, a sentence, and kept saying he was professor and so. and she said: people is laughing. after that he laugh in a way, you know when you trying to be very clever but you can't read what is wrote in fucking bold letter///
anyway, he calm down after that, well, till he received a call again: sso.. so.. sorry babe... th.. th.. the bus..
what a fuck///

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