viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

a day after happines: sarah jones

yes, i know i should be writing, intead i will say what i was just listening in the queue while buying fish.
this gay was went, "i wont say anything in front of three girls, i will receive a slab otherwise"
i smile.
he went "i was with this girl, you know, and i just tried to kis her and then she was saying how much she loved me and talk to me about it, like this, then, i tried to kiss her and she said no"
i look at him, one sixty, six pack of beer, shorts, smiling.
and he went "i wont tried to do it again, you know, what a fuck! she was telling me those thing expecting from me to do it, so let do it! come on! lets go inside slag!"
then laughing scarcely.
my mind was trying to figure it out, and once i came back i knew it: to write it i will need to used more adjectives. dont you?

3 comentarios:

Carlos Lavida dijo...

Sarah jones?

Daniel Balboa dijo...

Me da la sensación de que ese niño eras tú. Un niño que se desnuda, que se quita la ropa es un simbolo de pueraza, de naturalidad, de miedos.

Y el miedo a la oscuridad quizás sea un miedo demasiado grande. Imagino que tener miedo a la oscuridad, es como tener miedo a perderse. Pues la oscuridad no tiene ni principio ni fin. No está delimitada. No es segura. Es lo desconocido. La inseguridad que produce adentrarse en nuevas partes del ser. El miedo que nos quiere paralizar para que de nuevo, nos alejemos de lo que somos. De la murte.

Pero solo son hipotesis oníricas. :D

ep dijo...

hipótesis oníricas: tienes miedo a perderte?

Yes, it is someone who spends time listening other people conversations.