lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

the day after happiness: mrs joan

-may i take pictures?
-well... let me see, just a second... (hey, is it possible the lady could take pictures?
-yes, i want to take pictures, i love textiles!
-yes, sure, you can.
-but i do not have battery.
-oh you do not have battery... well.
-i am really tired, i have been walking from the station because the main in the station gave me the wrong information!
-really? we do not have batteries.
-but i need batteries! i need batteries for my camera! i want to take pictures!
-sorry, we can't help you about that.
-but i need batteries! and the man in the station sent me to the wrong place, i have been walking all round just to come here, i want to take pictures... why he gave the wrong directions? why?
-excuse me.
-why don't you go the shop maybe they have batteries.
-i can't walk anymore! i am tired! the man in the station gave the wrong directions!
(-the lady over there needs something, it's talking about the station...)
-may i help you?
-i am so tired, do you have a sit please?
-i need batteries. i want to take pictures.
-we do not sell batteries.
-but the shop sell batteries, i just so tired, i.. i.. just need batteries.
-let's see if i can contact them by line... all right, just have a sit.
i love textiles, may i take pictures?
(click! click!)

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