lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

the day after happiness: sarah jones

-i want to speak to sarah jones
-sarah jones?
-there is no sarah jones
-well it has to be someone, you see...
-i come from...
-i know where you come from, i know who you are
-well, then i need to talk to sarah jones
-there is no sarah jones, no sarah jones in all this building
-it must be... i have some queries to solve, i do not have time for this... entertaintment
-do you want me to call someone else?
-no, i want to talk to sarah
-excuse me
(this lady wants to to talk to someone called sarah jones, i told her... yeah... yeah, but i told her... yes... allright)
-lady, escuse me... would you mind wait a little, i will be back.
whatever, i wont move, you know (fuck you)
-hello? hi
-i was said you want to speak to sarah jones...
-yes, is you?
-well, no. there is no sarah jones...
-so do not waste your time, i have paper, right? so dont bother in explanations, i just...
-well, it is more complex than that, in fact...
-what? are you from the finance department? do you know what i am talking about?
-i know that you want to talk to sarah jones, maybe i can help you if you tell me exactly what the concerns are?
-no. no you tell me where a fuck is sarah jones!
-would you please calm down
-i am calm... i have been sending these fuckses to sarah jones, you see, ok? so do not tell me there is no sarah jones, because i received a confirmation and a call.
-lady, sarah jones is the name of a department
-she was the head of the department, she... well she is not working anymore, and we keep the link just in case, sorry
-link? what are you talking about?
-i am trying to tell you that you have been speaking with us... if there is any concern...
-i want to know why you charge these accounts when the information was not right
-who received these papers?
-sarah jones
-sorry, we cant help you
-sorry for let you waiting, who do want to speak to?

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