jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

the day after happiness: conversation in the paypoint

isn't weir how we trying to do thing we do really don't want to do? it is. i was reading a lecture, trying to push myself into an a ship, water. but i just remembered the fish falling down in this film about the end of our rationalism, in our future, i can't remember the name, it was like a picture drawing in my head about how stupid reality could be.
she said something like this:
everywhere is the same, you know? where are you from?
well everywhere people is moving... you know, i was living in australia, per twenty years, the i came back, yes, world is like that... what are you doing here?
so... when do you thing we are going to have our thing?
everywher, the only thing we can do is just have patient, that's all. i was the other day in this store, just in the corner, looking up the catalog, and i requested a table and a vacuum, those little ones, like... you know those for the car?
(no answer)
it is because, you know, everyone has a vacuum, well i have a henry too, and it has a long cable, when i am in the base floor i can reach everywhere... but, what happend when i want to vacuum the steps? i can't, it is impossible, it is heavy, and you know, i am not a yung lady like you...
so i thought: i can have it to clear up the steps, just that, because it is a little thing you can carry and it doesnot need a cable because it can be used with battery, so i thought it is perfect! but what happens is that it-is-not-available, yes...
it is just not-available- so why they have it in the catalog?! they said it is in the warehouse, waiting, waiting for what? money, yes, yes, everywhere, it is waiting for money... and you think, all the money they invest in this big catalog with thing and can't even bring them, so where is the bussiness? where?
(no ansmwer)
it is like that, everywhere. so what do you think? i need it, but what can i do? keep waiting, look at me, i can wait, i have no hurry.
(no comment)
well, i will take this, can i bring it back if it doesnot fit me?
i dont want to get undress, i have so many layer right now...it is... no
because i-dont-want-to.

(Did you got it?)

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Carlitos Lavida dijo...

voy a tener que repasar mi inglés

ep dijo...

i would make the translation next time