sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

the day after happiness: joan hughes

what is it about?
it is the fucking real time. is it?
yeah, it is, as you know, how is it? as you know, it wasn't just to kick'em up, you know?
did you call them? he! did you call them?
da ya remeber, remember, when, how was it? two, or three days, you told, yeah, you told me, it was a man, it was, like, it was, yeah, remember, 7pm, mrs joan hughes, yeah, was someone following you, a bit, a bit drunk, and you told me, you lost your card in some way, some day. i can't remember, you told, "i lost my card" and you called me.
is it?
is it? that i lost my card? when?
you called me, remember, it was, like, it was, don't you remember it?
oh,oh, yeah, i called you, yeah, i remember, why did i call you?
did i need something? you are saying i lost my card? really? i lost my card? how is it? when? yesterday? but i have my card here... look...oh, dear! could you, could you please open it? why bags are like this? this is ridiculus, just ridiculus! look, my godness sick! open it! open it!
where? here?
yeah! open it! i have my card, you say i lost my card?
look, is here? is this your card?... what is this? ... joan... what is this?
what?... my godness sick! my godness sick!...
why are you doing with a knife?... do not worry i won't tell anybody...i won't tell anyone...
my godness! i was in the caffe, i just came from the caffe, what's doing a knife in my bag? my godness sick! and you say i lost my card?
yeah! look for it... please... you make me worry... really, please, look for it
i will, i will, this is amaizing! is it?... and i called you, you say
yeah, but do not worry now, just for it, and call me then, is all right?
i will, yes, i will
and you call me
yes, of course, i am sure i have it... yeah...some place, i have it, i didn't know i lost it, i am sure...
well, please, is that all right?
it is, it is

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