sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

the day after happiness: hostel midnight

it's that, you know, it's not just being relaxed, it's about... i would like more living, you see, it's just... motivation, that was the word i was traying to say: motivation... i would like to ensure you i would meet you next week, you know, but... i can't, it's something you can't ensure, you know. i've been, you know, pulling back and it's not healthy, you know what i mean...
yeah, but just forget about it and enjoy...look...just these days, when i told my cousin... and my husband: i will walk to london by the river side, they laugh at me, they looked at me and standing laughing! but, look, you know what i mean, i walk, i walk, i've been a walker, you know, since ever, look, i can do that, again and again... take it..
ooohhh i don't like to take people's money... if i could ensure, i will, believe me, but...
i am not saying anything, come on! take it and give me a hold! that's it. go and rest, i will... you know what i mean.
gggrrr... it's just these days, i've been like walking over moores, you know, like... i'll try... but sometimes it's just we need something more, more than those thing, i mean, living every night, i'm not saying getting out, you know, i'm saying about plans, about... motivation...yeah
but what can you do now... just leave it.
yeah, i will, i'll try

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